Creating and exploring physical interaction using diverse means such as print, video, web, 3D modeling and sculpture.

Latest Projects

Stephanie Rothenberg

Garden of Virtual Kinship

The Garden of Virtual Kinship is a telematic garden, both real and virtual, whose lifeline directly correlates to monetary exchanges between the developed and developing world.

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Jenna Spevack

Inside Outhouse

Jenna is a NYC artist that was looking at building a modular structure that looked like an outhouse. Her goal was to create an emersive auditory experience.

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Holiday Windows

Tim Daly and I worked with Standard Transmission to create a series of pieces for the Macy's Holiday Windows. The title of the window display was "Santa’s Journey to the Stars", which featured a kid looking for Santa through space.

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Zevensuy Rodriguez

Recoil to Space

Recoil to Space is a light and projection pod that sits on the floor, looking at the space above. The pod opens a portal to an infinite space. From that infinity, the pod sends our thoughts, our data, and messages, hoping to receive a response.

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Currently Teaching

University of Miami

CIM111 - Weblab

This course is a practical introduction to web design and marketing. Students will learn how to produce and market dynamic websites using modern content management systems.

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CIM540-640 - Intro to Creative Coding

This course will introduce students to the building blocks of creative coding within the visual and media environment. Students will learn to create dynamic images, type and interfaces, that can translate into web, mobile and print forms. Through sets of problems, students will learn programming fundamentals that translate in virtually all programming platforms.

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CIM542-642 - Physical Computing

This course explores how to build a bridge between the physical and digital world. Students will learn to develop software and hardware to sense and respond to physical interaction. Through various projects, students will learn how to program sensors and other electronic components to convert the human senses into creative inputs and outputs, such as lights, sounds, and movement. Students will learn the ideation and design process through challenges presented in their assignments and personal projects. In this course students will also learn how to design for and use various digital fabrication tools, such as 3D printing, laser and paper cutting, and CNC milling. Students will have access to work hands on with these fabrication tools to enhance and build their prototypes.

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NYU Interactive Telecommunication Program M.P.S.


University of Miami Visual Communication B.S.C.



  • English
  • Spanish


  • Java/Processing
  • Arduino
  • Python
  • Ruby/Sinatra
  • Javacript/Node
  • Gcode


  • Laser Cutting
  • CNC
  • Welding
  • Woodworking


  • Rhino3D
  • Solidworks
  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Adobe Master Collection Suite