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Wildlife Tracking: RFID research

So I was interested in RFID for tracking monkeys. RFID comes in two flavors: passive and active. For tracking monkeys the preferable would be an active RFID chip. **Active vs Passive**

****Active Power: Battery powered, average 7000 hrs **depending on receiver* Signal Strength needed: Low Signal Range: up to 100m Data Storage: 128kb read/write search and access to data ` Passive
Power: comes from RF reader
Signal Strength needed: High signal

Range: 3-5m or less

Data Storage: 128 bytes of read/write

Depending on models active RFID could have high operating temperature, between -35c and 50c. This is important for the high temperatures in the amazon. Another advantage is the size and weight. Ranging around 14 grams and 2.4 in x 1.2 in x 0.4 in to big ones that are around 2in x 3in x 0.5 in

This link is a diy aduino based RFID reader

This is a couple of data sheets from different companies

This link has standard pricing options

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