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Pan Ball Flute Update

For the first iteration of the pan ball flute, I decided to create a mock up of how this would work. The pan ball flute is set up like a piston in a car. This first iteration is using one magnet piston with a piezo buzzer, a led and a rectifier. The magnet induction piston uses 2 opposing 15 pound pull force magnets and a small magnet opposing the center magnet.

</param></param></param></embed>[Shaker]( from [Zeven Rodriguez]( on [Vimeo](

These are just some basic numbers on the solo shaker
The Open Circuit Voltage = 10v
The Test Capcitor = 1 Farad
Start and End Voltage = 100mV-3V
Change in Joules = 4.5J
*E = 1/2 C * V 2