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RF Radios

My group and I were testing these RF Radios to see if we can make some DIY rfids. These modules are 434 mhz radio transmitter and receiver pairs that run at a range from 2v – 12v. It operates at 2400 baud rate. For more information is located on the sparkfun site: transmitter and receiver.

One of the most important things is the shape of the antenna. Coiling around a 1/2 inch cylinder give a good signal. The receiver is well labeled the only trick is that middle power pin needs to be grounded with a capacitor. This helps smooth out the radio signal coming through. The receiver data pin goes connected to the RX port. For simple tests simply listening to the serial port will give you the transmitted data.

The receiver’s data pin goes connected to whatever you want to send across the link. In this case we are sending analog values via a pot. The data pin is connected to the RX pin.