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LumiLife is a solar powered lantern that during the day sleeps and charges and comes alive with breath and light at night. It uses a nocturnal circuit and a motor control circuit to light up and bellow the lamp. It was designed and created by Susan Ngo and Zeven Rodriguez.


LumiLife from Zeven Rodriguez on Vimeo.

This is the diagram of how it all flows together.

The nocturnal circuit is made of a 74AC14

This is the schematic for the nocturnal circuit from the beam wiki site.

The motor controller circuit is composed of a 74AC14 and a 74AC240. The motor circuit was made from this tutorial on the beam wiki site. The parts include

74AC14 Hex Schmitt Inverter IC (the MicroCore chip).

74AC240 Octal Buffer / Line Driver with Tri-state Outputs (The Motor Driver).

.22 uF Monolithic Capacitors (Four).

10 uF Monolithic, Electrolytic or Tantalum Capacitors (Two).

2 Meg Resistors red-black-green (Four).

4.2 uF Monolithic or Tantalum Capacitors (One for the Reversing Circuit).

3 Meg Resistors orange-black-green (One for the Reversing Circuit).

1N914 or 1N4148 Diodes (Two).

[![](uploads/Microcore.jpg "Microcore")](uploads/Microcore.jpg)This picture from the beam wiki site illustrates all of the basic connections for the 74AC14 microcore to work.
[![](uploads/walker_driver.jpg "walker_driver")](uploads/walker_driver.jpg)This is how to wire the 74AC240
[![](uploads/Microcorewalkewithcap.jpg "Microcorewalkewithcap")](uploads/Microcorewalkewithcap.jpg)The one thing missing from the graphic above is a cap going from pin 20 to pin 1.
[![](uploads/Microcore_complete.jpg "Microcore_complete")](uploads/Microcore_complete.jpg)This image shows how to connect the motors and connect the 74AC14 and 74AC240.

•Solar Panels
– Open circuit: 4x 4.5v @ ~20 mA
– 3x 1.2v @ 600mAh
•Motors & LEDs = 3.6 @ 300mAh
– 2x Motors
– 6x LEDs