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An idea for the floor I have been looking at making is a system of alerting people on the floor when someone is hungry. The project is called HungryTime. The idea has 2 aspects to it. A physical notification display and a way to communicate with that display. In its current inception, a mobile app and an arduino based projection system are they ways to carry out the project. The mobile app is suposed extremly simple. It has 2 buttons, one to say your hungry and one to tell you are out to lunch. It also has a counter to tell you how many people are hungry.

The simple design for the mobile app does not let you see who is hungry. By using text messaging, it solves that issue. Using the cell number and pre-registering the user’s name. When using text messaging option either the number of hungry or the names those who are hungry would be displayed in the message. It would be depend on message length.