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How Does Your City Feel?

**[How Does Your City Feel?](** captures the emotions people feel in their cities by measuring them in the contents of local real-time Twitter messages.
What are people feeling in New York City? Seattle? San Francisco? Sad? Happy? Angry? Love?
When you visit, please choose a city and click an emotion to see the results. If you click only on the city, you will see a graph of the emotions measured by the statement, “I feel…” The mapping is created instantly via Google Charts API by parsing XML from Twitter’s search results. [How Does Your City Feel]( is coded with Javascript, and AJAX. So far, I’ve been tickled by the different moods each city exhibits. San Francisco appears more relaxed while New York shows more emotional volatility. When New Yorkers feel love, they really express it – same goes for anger! See the screen shots below for more examples.
[**How Does Your City Feel?**]( was created by [**Cindy Wong**]( and**Zeven Rodriguez**.
[![]( "nyc")]( "nyc")
New York City
[![]( "sf")]( "sf")

San Francisco

[![]( "seattle_happy")]( "seattle_happy")