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Openframeworks to work with visual studio express 2010 C++

Getting openframeworks to work in windows 7 was not tooo bad. Once you d/l visual c++ studio express 2010 and openframeworks you are ready to go. So one when you open studio express, open a project, right click on it and go to properties.

I found this link very useful in helping me build a project

Steps c, d, and e I found to be the most important.

Once you get that done, I went ahead and built the project. I had no errors. I found the empty project the best one to build. The build process takes a bit so be patient.

One of the things with visual studio is that once you build I expected to see the sketch just pop up. That did not happen. If you look at the top tool bar in visual studio there is a green arrow button. It says start debugging. Click on it to start the sketch.