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Thesis proposal

To create a web application for museums exhibit designers and artists to interface with touch screens from phones and tabletops with arduino and projection

Not just for anyone to use initially. The goal is to give artists and museum exhibit designers a tool to create highly interactive exhibits and art pieces.

Artists and exhibit designers would access a control panel where they would setup their interface and interaction. The system will output arduino code all users have to do it build the circuit and comply the code. Hints on how to build circuit and links to tested hardware will also be offered. Once published patrons could access the interface through touchscreens from there phone or by a touchscreen monitor setup at the exhibit.

We are at a museum and we see this stegosaurus. We glance the description and move on. But image if it came to life.

We click on the tail of the stegosaurus and its tail starts moving. Also information about the dinosaur tail is simultaneously shown. Through the tails action we are highlighting the importance of the tail and showing how the stegosaurus tails move.

In this scenario, we have to vases. The placards tell us time period and maybe a purpose. We have no sense of how they are made or the significance of the figures depicted.

A designer can create an interface with a slider that allows the museum patron to rotate the vase to reveal information about the people on the vase. We can uncover the story of an ancient artifact.