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Atari Punk Instructable

Atari Punk Instructable

For Design for Greenfab we had to go through a tutorial and critique it. I did theƂ Atari Punk Circuit. Like most instructables it is like shooting blind. The author did a good job of telling you what parts are needed. He also did a step by step of how to put it together. He also gives a brief description on how the circuit works with a schematic. At the end, he suggests how to take it abit further.

The big complaint I have with the step by step is lack of images to make sure your circuit is looking correct. Since I know how to read a schematic I was able to reference that. With the description of how the chip works some more history would have been nice. He mentions briefly types of circuits it originates from. In the end, I have to look at my circuit because it does not sound totally right as you see in the video below.