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Commercial Gallery

I went to 2 galleries in the SoHo area. The first gallery I went to was called the Morrison Hotel. This was a rock and roll photography gallery. It was a very relaxed environment. It mostly focused on 60s and 70s photographs. It had all of the main players, Robert Plant, Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, The Stones, etc. It was a small square space with typical flood lighting. Most of the work was environmental black and white portraits with very simple frames. All of the prints are numbered and most where high numbered prints.


The Opera Gallery was the complete opposite. It was a modern art gallery. The top floor was used to show off a specific artist, while the downstairs was more of a general artist space. When you entered the gallery there was a small alcove on the left with a piece which would immediately draw your attention. The rest of the gallery went straight back and ended with a 2 small alcoves at the end on the left and right. The downstairs was a big room with a small partition which divided it into 2 spaces. The lighting was flood lighting which was spotty.


The main artist exhibiting was sas + colin. Who focused on these large fiberglass masks.