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Lab 3 Working without Arduino

This lab was mostly to focus on building circuits with out the Arduino

I started by first looking at my power adapter. The adapter I was using was Positive on the outside and Negative on the inside.


The power adapter is connected through the breadboard to a 7805 5-volt voltage regulator which drops the 9v to 5v


This is my basic LED circuit with a switch.


Physcomp Lab3-Basic circuit from Zeven Rodriguez on Vimeo.

I then connected another LED in series


Physcomp Lab3-Components in Series from Zeven Rodriguez on Vimeo.

Then measured the first LED in the circuit

Then the second


Finally, I added with a third LED. When I did that the intensity of the LEDs dropped. The last led dims because most of the voltage is sucked up by the first 2 leaving the last LED with a smaller current.


Physcomp Lab3- series Led plus 1 from Zeven Rodriguez on Vimeo.

In the parallel circuit I measured the amperage after the LEDs.


The last part I measured the resistance on a pot.


Physcomp Lab3-Pot Variable Voltage Measuring from Zeven Rodriguez on Vimeo.